My Story

Dear Human,

This is the Pleasant Lake Veterinary Hospital (which will hereafter be referred to as PLVH).

PLVH photo

As its name would indicate, it is located a short walk from Pleasant Lake. Although I prefer to sun in my lanai and stay close to the clinic, I have to admit the view is nice.

the lake

I adopted PLVH 4 years ago when my original human had to move to Virginia cat-free. I have no harsh feelings about this transition as I am now an integral component of the inner workings of a fabulous veterinary hospital.

The humans have tried to find various friends for me, but I prefer to be my own boss. I have frozen all the other cats out by holding the litter box hostage. I’ve found this to be the most effective technique.

In addition to leaving out fleece lined baskets, I have also trained the humans to give me treats in exchange for kisses. This tactic is especially useful, as someone keeps moving my food bowl on top of the xray table. Something about encouraging exercise. As if. When I am exceptionally starving, I can always beg for treats from the receptionist.


My plans for future improvements here at PLVH include obtaining more soft baskets for napping, increasing my feeding opportunities, and freezing out the dog. Please stay tuned for the latest developments.

Yours Truly,



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