My Office

Dear Human,

As the leader here at PLVH, I of course have a well equipped office. Sometimes I also like to think of it as my work space, or napping ground.

This is the door to my office. 4 Leg MD; that’s me.


I have commandeered this soft napping basket for the times when I find I am just too overworked and simply must have a lie down.


I am also training myself to use the work computer. You will notice that I have hacked into the PLVH Facebook account in order to promote my blog.


This is part of my mission to increase awareness about operations here at the clinic. Note how my sleek, well-groomed form has been chosen as the cover photo. The humans are always taking pictures of me. I find that I am very photogenic. These are the perks one can expect when you run the place.

I must nap now to conserve energy.

Sleepily Yours,



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