Weekends On My Own

Dear Human,

Weekends here at PLVH are generally a quiet affair. The humans return home to relax and recover from the trials and tribulations I’ve put them through all week. Left to my own devices, I am free to run operations the way I like.


An offering of flowers was left to thank me for all the hard work I’ve been putting in recently.


Initially, I was very flattered and found this offering to be extremely delicious. However, in retrospect I believe the flowers were left as an attempt to poison me (no doubt part of a hostile takeover), as I felt quite queasy later on.



Additionally, I am displeased to report that the humans have continued to relocate my food to the top of the xray table, as opposed to leaving it on the ground where it should be. However, I have discovered various techniques which enable me to continue to eat my food on the floor, as is my preference. What is the point in being world clinic leader if one can’t eat ones food where one wishes?


All in all, I’d say it’s been a pretty productive weekend. Despite enjoying my time alone to rest and recuperate after training the humans all week, I must admit I was pleased with their return Monday morning. While there are benefits to having my clinic to myself, without them there’s no one here to provide massages and cuddles.


Affectionately Yours,



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