The Truth About Boxes

Dear Human,

It is a truth universally acknowledged that cats love boxes. As such, I oversee all shipments that come through the clinic.


You may be thinking, “If cats love boxes so much, then why do they hate the cat carrier?” It is a common misconception that cats dislike their carriers. As a cat myself, I can assure you that any cat likes a small, cozy space in which they can curl up and nap. What we dislike are car rides. Cars smell funny, the music is bad, and they make a lot of unnecessary grinding noises. Even more unnerving than the car ride is the destination. You think it’s acceptable to wake a cat from its nap, throw it in the smelly car, and bring it to the vet’s office to be stabbed? Utter foolishness, Human. And don’t even get me started about having to share the back seat with the dog…



But I digress; back to the boxes. Each box is thoroughly inspected for quality assurance. Painstaking investigations are undertaken to ensure that the product is tasty and appropriate for clinic use. Extensive time is spent with the product checking it over and testing it for flaws.


Once the product has passed inspection, I allow the humans to relocate it to its proper place. I keep the box of course.


Cozily Yours,



3 thoughts on “The Truth About Boxes

  1. Lou
    I agree with you about boxes, some are just perfect for napping. I finally got my human to leave assorted beds in the dining room. I do need choices. I was adopted along with my friend Owen 4 months ago and
    it’s taken a long time to get my human trained. I love your blog.


    • Dear Sammy,

      I’m so glad to have found a kindred spirit who understands my deep love for boxes. If you ever need any tips for training your human I’d be happy to be of assistance.



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