Lou’s Lanai

Dear Human,

In tribute to my elevated status here at PLVH, the humans have built  me a lanai. Admittedly, it’s more pleasant in the warmer weather, but I still consider it to be my fortress of solitude and I often retreat there when the office is too busy for my liking. Or when I’m trying to avoid a particularly exuberant canine.

exuberant dog


Handcrafted to my specifications, there are several aspects of this lanai which I particularly enjoy. To start off with, it has a fabulous cat door that allows me to go in and out as I please (which is often).

Did you know that Isaac Newton is credited with inventing the cat door? Legend has it that he cut two holes in his door (one for the mother cat and one for the kittens) and was then surprised when the kittens followed their mother through the larger hole. I suppose it’s a cute story, however there’s no evidence that Newton ever even owned a cat (his loss). To this day one can still find two holes in the wall (one being bigger than the other), although what this is supposed to prove I have no idea.

cat door


My personal opinion is that cat doors were invented by cats. First of all, this would explain the name. Secondly, no human uses a door the way a cat does. Humans do not go in and out of their doors nearly often enough and the doors often suffer from lack of use and therefore become squeaky. Cats never have this problem, as we have trained ourselves to use doors appropriately.

cat door2


This is my personal cat door.


I’d like to draw your attention to the note on the door. It reads, “If this door is locked, please leave it locked. We will let Lou in later.” Based on this note you may be led to believe that the humans have the capability to rig the door so that I cannot enter or exit as I wish. Please. Do not be fooled; I of course know how to work the lock.

The best part about the lanai is that there are many places on which to perch, nap, and sunbathe. I have the perfect view of the parking lot where I can monitor comings and goings while still looking in through the clinic window to keep tabs on what’s going on inside.

Lastly, there is no doubt regarding who this lanai belongs to.


Possessively Yours,



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