A Word About Cat Doors

Dear Human,

My goal for today is to bring your attention to cat doors. You may or may not remember that we spoke on the subject a while back when I informed you about my lanai. At this point I don’t care who invented them, I need them and lots of them!

For those of you who are unaware, the clinic is composed of a maze of rooms with interconnecting doorways. To make things easier for you to comprehend, I have drawn a basic map. The doorways can be seen indicated in grey below.

Office BlueprintYesterday I was trapped (TRAPPED!) in my own clinic. Normally I can use the doors to my advantage to take some personal space or section off the humans and animals I don’t wish to associate with. Yesterday I was betrayed by own own doors.

As you can see in the area indicated by the lightning bolt, I had the unfortunate luck to be in the back of the clinic when all the doors were suddenly closed. I lay in wait, biding my time until one of the staff members happened to come through one of the doors. As luck would have it, it took me hours to choose the correct door to wait in front of. (Normally I am more clairvoyant, but I was having an off day.) I wasted most of my morning stalking up and down the hallway trying to escape the back room with all of its noisy, barking canines. It was the worst. THE WORST. 

Henceforth, I demand that each door of this clinic have at least one cat door, if not more. There is no reason a cat should be trapped in his own home. NONE WHATSOEVER. 

This is an ultimatum. If I don’t receive my new cat doors by the end of the week, prepare for war.


Claustrophobically yours (and sorely lacking in opposable thumbs),



7 thoughts on “A Word About Cat Doors

  1. I hope your humans have installed the required doors by now. If not, please let me know as I would be more than happy to start an online petition for your cause. Change.org was created for situations just like yours, Lou!

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