Trials and Tribulations

Dear Human,

At this point I have made numerous attempt to make you aware of my plight regarding the unapproved relocation of my food and water from the floor to the xray table. You may have assumed that I was exaggerating, or found other reasons not to take me seriously. Here is proof that the struggle is real.

The trauma, the teasing. The lack of due respect. The mocking laughter. I just can’t even.

Woefully yours,



6 thoughts on “Trials and Tribulations

  1. Hello Lou
    I watch every mealtime as my human tricks my friend Owen. She sneaks up on him and makes him take medicine. How unpleasant and sometimes she gives me things too! Its really unfair that you have to risk life and limb jumping up on the table to get treats.
    Your friend, Sam


    • Dear Sam,
      I’m going to assume for Owen’s sake that your human at least has good intentions. I know the humans at the vet clinic usually do. I’m glad you can see the unfairness in my situation. Your sentiments of solidarity really mean a lot to me.


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