I Spy With My Little Eye…

Dear Human,

As I’m sure you’ve heard, blizzard-like conditions obscured parts of New England yesterday.

This cryptic warning…



Led to this result…

snowpile snow door

And the upside of all of this is that even though New Hampshire didn’t get as much snow as Massachusetts (for once), there is still too much snow for me to venture out on my morning walk. If you missed the post regarding the importance of my morning walk, please click here.

Seeing as that I can no longer do my spying and plotting thinking and reflecting outdoors, I have  begun my search for an appropriate alternative location indoors. After weighing all the options, I have found the laboratory to be the best choice.  Allow me to list the reasons why:

1: Coziness

There is something to be said for staying indoors where it’s warm. There are also several excellent scratching posts.


2: Location

While sitting in the laboratory I can both peer through the doorway into the doctors’ area and keep an eye on the front desk. If you’d like a better visual as to why this is the ultimate spying location, please direct your attention to the  location of the laboratory on my floor plan.


3: Spying Napping Spots

There are several locations from which I can perch, nap, and listen to what’s going on around me without readily being discovered.


This will also be a good spot in which I can experiment with my x-ray vision.


*Cough* I mean, what x-ray vision? *Cough* Of course cats don’t have x-ray vision!


Sneakily Lovingly Yours,



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