I <3 Boxes

Dear Human,

If you read my previous post, The Truth About Boxes, then you should know that part of my mission here at PLVH involves acquiring as many boxes as possible. I take charge of receiving all shipments here so that I can have first pick of the boxes. This is a task that is very near and dear to my heart. I have countless uses for the boxes including, but not limited to, napping, hiding, snoozing, playtime, and building impenetrable fortresses.

Much to my dismay, I ran into some snags during my last acquisition. The postman left the box outside the door as he was directed, but it was quite a heavy shipment and I found trying to drag it inside on my own to be quite exhausting. I tried to round up help, but no one was responsive to my plight.

new box

I hope they know that they are solely responsible for my sleepless night.

Despite the displeasing delay, operation “Box Takeover” was eventually completed. I think the humans have begun to realize they were remiss in causing the delay, as they have been trying to cater to my every need ever since.

The bottom line is that I have prevailed and the box is mine. Forever.

Comfortable after all,



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