If I Fits I Sits

Dear Human,

Today’s PSA is intended to remind you of one of the many cardinal feline rules: if you can fit in it, you can (and should) sit in it. And no, nothing is off limits.

Here are eleven occasions I was 10 times cozier than you ever will be:

1. This paper bag

photo 4 (1)
Never underestimate a good paper bag

2. This basket

photo 3 (10)
Yes, I am comfortable, thanks for asking

3. More paper bags

photo 3 (2)
Not only am I cozy, I’m also getting a free ride

4. Baskets, baskets, baskets

photo 2 (10)
Yes, I do love this basket. Why do you ask?

5. You can never really have too many paper bags

photo 1
You should be jealous of how cozy this bag is

6. This napping basket

Is there really any better napping location?

7. The pharmacy

I told you. Nowhere is off limits

8. Surgery drapes

What? Did you want to sterilize these?

9. Boxes

Need I say more?

10. Another napping basket

You truly never can have enough of these

11. Really any box anywhere

I’m sorry, did you need to use the xray table?

Jealous yet? You should be.



PS Cats are also liquids. This is another cardinal rule.

liquid cat

2 thoughts on “If I Fits I Sits

  1. I love your blog, Lou!! In fact, I’m going to add you to my list of favorite blogs on my website. I always know when I see a new post from you that I’m in for a treat. And since it’s the only treat I get these days [no thanks to my moms], that makes your blog extra special!


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