The Best Lou You Can Be

Dear Human,

I’d like to bring your attention to the Common Mask.

Definition: A covering for all or part of the face, worn as a disguise, or to amuse or terrify other people. 

As a feline, it is of course my prerogative to amuse and/or terrify others to my heart’s content. And as for masks, don’t kid yourself, we’ve all worn them. How can you put your best paws forward without your best nose and whiskers to go along with them?

“But Lou,” I can hear your protesting, “You don’t need a mask with such a beautiful coat of fur.” And I really can’t fault you for that observation! However, sometimes even the best of us need a little extra something to get through the day.

For the times when you can’t make your eyebrows bow quite the way you want them to:

photo 2 (11)
❤ them eyebrows

The times when you’re plotting behind a calm facade:

photo 3 (11)
This is like reading a comic book inside of a math book. Not that I would ever do such a thing.

And let’s not forget the times when you’re just feeling the need for a new look…

photo 1 (11)
Some people shouldn’t wield Sharpees

But at the end of the day, no matter what mask you’re wearing, it would behoove you to take a page out of Lou’s Edicts For Better Living: swagger with confidence, demand what’s due to you, and rule with an iron paw. You can achieve greatness, you are strong, you are fierce, you are cat.

photo 2 (12)

Philosophically Yours,




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