Shopping For Supplies

Dear Human,

We’ve reached the middle of the week and supplies are running low here at PLVH. Thankfully, one of my lovely servants coworkers has begun a grocery list.

That’s how we roll here at PLVH

I’d like to take this opportunity to talk to you about the types of things that constitute as necessary supplies here at a vet clinic. Of course you have the usual things like bandage material, suture scissors and vaccines, but that’s not all that goes into running a great practice. You also have to keep your inhabitants happy, which requires supplies like beds, blankets, and fluffy pillows.

2015-02-10_15-12-32_773 (1)
A comfortable patient is a happy patient. Toys are also a must.

Staying warm is also a concern during these cold winter months.


I know, I know – things here at PLVH are pretty awesome and you wish you were me. But that’s enough talk; it’s time to go make all those necessities a reality. I’m ready, who’s with me?!

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness never went shopping for catnip.

Cosy As Ever,



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