Dare I Hope?

Dear Human,

After 6 months of endless winter I was beginning to think spring would never come. Even just last week the lake was still partially frozen.

Seriously? It’s April.

However, the past few days have been reasonably warm and I can finally see the grass again. At this point I’d almost forgotten what it’s like to feel the warmth of the sun on my fur and to be able to meander outside without my poor wet paws freezing.

Why yes, I do look fabulous. Thanks for noticing.

The return of warm weather means plotting about complete clinic takeover without listening ears relaxation and hunting field mice.

photo 4 (12)
Totally innocent

As much as I love basking in the sunlight, rolling in the dirt and chasing bugs, I must admit that sometimes the outdoors get a little lonely.

photo 1 (12)
On the outside looking in

As a feline I do, after all, require a certain amount of attention. Luckily, everyone at PLVH is here to cater to my needs.


Hoping spring is here to stay,




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