Let Freedom Ring

Dear Human,

I know that at this point you are no stranger to the trials I have endured here at PLVH. Normally I endure these trails with the good humor and grace that only a feline could possess. However, in light of recent events (like barring me from my favorite napping cabinet) I decided that it was time to provide a reminder of just who is in charge here.

As you know, it has long been my pet peeve that the humans here have been placing my food on top of the xray table despite knowing that I prefer to eat at the ground level. After many months of hard labor I was able to train them to consistently leave my food on the floor where it belongs. That being said, I am well willing to sacrifice my eating preferences for the sake of teaching my humans a lesson.

I know I’m magnificent

Here I am lounging on top of the xray table while my food remains below. This is not-so-subtle reminder to the humans that I make the rules here, and I am entitled to change the rules as I please.

Luckily, they are easy to re-train.


And while using rubber bands to secure the cabinet door may have temporarily kept me at bay, I am a feline, and as a feline I will always prevail.

photo 3
This cabinet belongs to me

Victoriously Yours,



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