Stolen Thunder

Dear Human,

I am displeased to have to alert you to the presence of another feline here at PLVH. She is a 3 week old orphan who… well, you don’t really care about that do you? Because we all know that the only feline who matters here at PLVH is me.

Much to my dismay, the humans have been jumping to attention at her every squawk. Something about how she needs to eat every two hours. Is she really that important?


No, stop looking at her. Don’t tell me she’s cute. We all know that I am the only magnificent feline here.

lou magnificent
Look at me! LOOK. AT. ME.

She doesn’t seem to have much use and she sleeps a lot.

kitten sleeping

I mean, look at her just lying there doing nothing. At least when I lay around I’m capable of holding many useful things.

lou with stuff
Who needs a kitten when you can have me?

And yet the fact of the matter is that this tiny feline has usurped me and now the question remains: how can I inspire the kind of attentiveness that she has managed to obtain? Is it the fact that she smells like milk and doesn’t know how to use the litter box? Or perhaps I should also cry loudly for feedings every two hours? Maybe I should assume more endearing napping positions? Whatever the solution may be, you can rest assured that I will find it.

2015-02-10_15-12-32_773 (1)
I hope you’re watching this.

Pondering A Solution,


6 thoughts on “Stolen Thunder

  1. Fooey to that kitten, Lou! Humans can be so fickle. Clearly, without you that office could not operate. Find solace in that fact and forget those fair weather humans! Yours in solidarity, Carol the Cat.

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  2. OMG!!! Lou is a very intune with his emotions and pschye, and also a very skilled writer, which enables him to express himself. I, for one, am quite grateful that he shares his insights with us. Ok staff, you might want to consider balancing out your attention time. Lou has spoken loud and clear.


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