My name is Lou and I’m an adult, male, domestic short haired cat who originally hails from the state of Vermont. I also respond to “Loubert,” “Loucifer,” and “Hey, Cat.” I adopted the Pleasant Lake Veterinary Hospital (PLVH) four years ago after leaving my original human when she moved to Virginia. Running this place takes up a majority of my energy, but in my sparse free time I enjoy snacking, napping, and sunning in my lanai. I have created this blog as a forum with which to share my observations regarding the goings on at PLVH. The humans’ description of PLVH can be found here if you wish to form a comparison. However, I can assure you that my observations are more astute. As I am the leader here, I also make frequent appearances on the PLVH Facebook page. You will note that my sleek and well-groomed frame is currently being displayed as the cover photo. Those are the perks you get when you run the place.

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