Bad Memories

Dear Human,

You would think after the entire Pandora Debacle my staff would have learned that this is a one cat clinic.

For a while I thought things were going well. They even invited me to be the calendar model for the year, so clearly they were reverently worshiping me as they should be.


I’m not sure what’s gotten into them but all of a sudden my world was turned on its head again by the arrival of more kittens.

Here I am, innocently sitting on the counter and then BAM. There they were.

I’m beginning to note an unwanted presence


Don’t you dare come up here


louandkitten revised
What pat of the word “no” did you not understand?


Seriously, get off my counter NOW!

I’m still coming up with a suitable punishment. In the meantime I’m comforting myself by kicking the dog out of her bed and making it my new napping place.

Sneakers napping comfortably



My staff’s memory may be all too short, but I have the memory of an elephant.

Forgetting Nothing,


Lou’s List of Thanks

Dear Human,

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I suppose I can share with you just a few of the things you should be thanking me for.

First and foremost, you should be thanking me for how well I rocked that pilgrim hat

I will provide you with a series of examples to help inspire your thank you notes, but please keep in mind that your praises need not be limited to these few items.

7. I am an excellent alarm clock. I will make sure you are always up on time and never late to work.

wake up
4:45 AM is not that early…

6. Not only will I help you get to the clinic in a timely manner, I will also help you increase the standards of patient care. For example, I always make the patients feel comforted and supported.

No, I don’t consider this to be invasive

5. I am an excellent multitasker. You don’t have to take my word for it, I can provide an example. Here I am holding numerous objects and looking completely fabulous at the same time.

No further explanation needed

4. Have work to do and need to vacate your comfortable lounging location? Never fear, I will keep it warm for you.

This is mine now

3. I can also warm tables.

You put this blanket out for me, right?

2. And chairs. Really any surface you think you might need to make use of, I can keep warm for you.

I’m sorry, were you planning on sitting here?

1. And last but not least, have you seen me? I’m gorgeous! And you are lucky enough to get to work with me every single day. If that’s not something to be thankful for then I’m not sure what is.

#NoFilter #EnoughSaid

Happy Lou appreciation day Thanksgiving,


Just Call Me Captain

Dear Human,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve provided you with an update, but I needed time to seethe and heal in the aftermath of the Pandora Debacle. Now that it’s been a while since she has shown her presence in my clinic, I find that I am slowly letting go of my anger and re-claiming my territory.

Lou Lounging

For starters, I have taken several comfortable naps in this basket of clean clothing that was brought in with my specific needs in mind. Fresh, soft, and lots of dark colors. I’ve never slept better.

Lou Laundry

I’ve also taken over this box as another source of napping coziness. Obviously it was brought here just for me because it’s a perfect fit.




Much to my pleasure, the staff have also been presenting me with garments more suited to my elevated status here at PLVH. For starters, it has lifted my spirits greatly to be able to strut proudly in my captain’s cap.

Lou Navy

The second outfit is also appropriate, as I have long believed myself to be part lion. Unfortunately, my growth was somehow stunted at an early age and I never developed the mane or the golden color, but on the inside I am FIERCE.


Now I can curl up in my basket at the end of a long day secure in the knowledge that all is as it should be once again.

IMG_1359 IMG_1572

Feeling Comforted,