Dear Human,

You know I’m royalty. I know I’m royalty. On occasion, my staff seems to forget that I am royalty. However, lately they have been doing their best to get back into my good graces and I have to commend them on a job well done. I know, I almost can’t believe it either.

To start with, they collected my favorite spring flowers and placed them in a prominent location on my front desk. Even more importantly, I’d like to draw your attention to what can be seen just behind the flowers. Who is that handsome guy lounging in the background? None other than yours truly. In fact, what you are looking at is an entire calendar filled with my handsome mug. Of course, it’s no secret I have always been quite the model.

lou with flowers2

Speaking of which, beauty sleep is an important part of my daily regimen and it’s imperative that I have adequate napping locations. In addition to all my  napping baskets, my staff has taken to placing fluffy fleece blankets in various strategic locations around the clinic. This allows me to continue looking fabulous and keep my strength up so that I can rule with an iron fist be the best version of myself.

#BeautySleep #Cozy

I’m also pretty excited about this gift from my staff:


As you can see, it’s basically a throne. “But Lou,” I can hear you thinking, “You’re a cat. You can jump anywhere you want to, you don’t need a step stool.” But you see, it’s not about needing it. It’s about wanting it. It’s about having my every wish granted.

And while we’re on the topic of granting wishes, here is the ultimate proof of loyalty from my staff.

Lou Facebook

Please direct your attention to the end of this Facebook post which details the multiple people who tried to capture the mouse for my enjoyment. Of course, being human, they were unsuccessful. That being said, I do appreciate the effort and will reward them appropriately for their devotion. However, you should be aware that dropping that mouse was no accident. Do not mistake my kindness for weakness. I was merely letting the mouse go to demonstrate the beauty of second chances. Just like I’m giving my staff a second chance after they ignored my early morning pleas for kibble last week. After seeing how hard they tried to catch that mouse for me I can almost forgive their previous indiscretions. The key word here being “almost.”

Royally yours,